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Add output parameters for response of https://{{cam_host}}:30000/cam/api/v1/stacks

We have developed a Self-Service IaaS Portal that manages resources on OpenStack, AWS and Azure. The portal has some offerings as Create a VM or Manage Networks. For each offering we have developed on cam template and we are using the CAM rest APIs to render the portal user Interfaces. The screen bellow is an example of the offering "Manage Networks" on OpenStack:


Each network in the grid is a CAM Deployed Template (Stack). The grid columns data (IP address, subnet name, etc) is based on the Stack output parameters. So, to render the screen I need to call /api/v1/stacks to list the templates and https://{{cam_host}}:30000/cam/api/v1/stacks/{{ibmStackId}}/retrieve on each individual row to get the output parameter.

Do you think would be possible to call GET on https://{{cam_host}}:30000/cam/api/v1/stacks to list all the stacks, and in that response also see the output parameters for each individual stack? As opposed to having to call https://{{cam_host}}:30000/cam/api/v1/stacks/{{ibmStackId}}/retrieve on each individual deployed template instance?

This is a requirement for ALGAR (customer). They are complaining about the response times of our user interfaces, as it is getting bigger as we add more rows to the grid.

  • Wellington Mattos Carvalho
  • Mar 13 2019
  • Shipped
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