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to allow add and remove role in a node,

currently if one combine a node with master, proxy, va, management, and achieve HA using 3 nodes, we can't scale out, proxy, management, va.

the ability to have add or remove role, allows us to truely starts small and expand as workload increase, and it also make a small number of nodes for HA ICP deployment.

current HA for production recommended is 3 master, 2 proxy, 2 management, 3 VA, 2 workers, this make up 9 VMs, I can have 3 (master/va/management/proxy) and 2 workers meet same requirement for initial and this is only 5 nodes.

Client can scale out with more nodes and role and removing existing role in nodes.

We need to bring the total solution cost of implementation lower, imagine client with infra manage by 3 party, the more VMs used the more cost to customer.

- it also allows more flexibility for upgrade, updates for underlying Operating System and make ICP highly available. when addition nodes with immutable infrastructure.

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  • Apr 6 2019
  • Needs review
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