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ICP GUI Console command equivalent tool

In previous versions, ICP used to tell the user what the equivalent CLI command for the page that they are viewing. This has since been replaced by the ICP Web Terminal. Could the old equivalent CLI command window be brought back? It is very helpful to teach new people the CLI commands to use ICP. If needed, the old equivalent CLI command window could replace the ICP Web Terminal because most users have terminals they are already using, set up, and comfortable with.

  • Damien Gu
  • Jun 19 2019
  • Will not implement - Market demand
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  • Admin
    SCOTT BERENS commented
    July 02, 2019 22:02

    Hi Damien- The product team phased out the CLI equivalent from the UI around the 2103/3100 release timeframe. In fact it does still exist for pod logs; if the logging service isn't installed.. Otherwise if kibana is installed then it will be directly launched instead. I believe the only other location it existed was on the table that displays the list of pods for a workload.

    The dev team is currently experimenting with KUI which is a conversational approach to kubectl commands. perhaps this will be a great learning tool for our clients too.