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Define custom timezone in ICP

By default (based on Kubernetes), the timezone in every container of ICP is UTC.

It does not take the custom timezone of the user's servers which leads to confusions, e.g. when checking and comparing log files. ICP cannot be used as expected.


There is a workaround to mount the local timezone into the container but that would need to be done for every container and needs a lot of manual effort.


ICP should provide a way to define the custom timezone which then should be used in all containers.

Maybe via the config.yaml file.

  • Guest
  • Jul 4 2019
  • Will not implement - Provided workaround
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? All customers would benefit from this as the usability of ICP is improved and you do not get confused by different times compared between your host and ICP.
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  • Guest commented
    26 Jul, 2019 03:36pm

    Thanks for your comments.

    The customer asked me to respond on their behalf.


    Unfortunately, that is still not feasible for the customer as that would require them to mount the local timezone into every pod manually. They have High Availability environments and that would require a lot of manual effort.
    They expect a better solution, at least a script that can update all pods at once.
    Thank you.

  • Admin
    Guang Ya Liu commented
    20 Jul, 2019 02:13am

    I think this requirement does not belong to ICP or OpenShift, but the end user can do some configurations to do this:

    1) Checkout for how to enable the timezone for a POD, just mount your zone info is good enough.

    2) Create a pod preset as , and this will help inject those volume mounts automatically when you create a deployment/pod etc.

  • Admin
    SCOTT BERENS commented
    17 Jul, 2019 03:27pm

    Hello and thank you for your idea. We are reviewing the details with our development team and will update the status of this request accordingly.

  • Diana Mahler commented
    5 Jul, 2019 06:29am

    This is even bad in case of forensic researches... (hope we do not have to do this really, but can happen ...)

  • Diana Mahler commented
    5 Jul, 2019 06:26am


    we can not go Live bevor this is fixed. With 2 hours difference from server time (CEST), we are not able to bring Events from outside ICP toghether with Events from other sources. Even our own microservices will have the right localtime. So we are not even able to bring things togheter from diferent sources in the cloud. This is a big NoGo!  So we do Need a fix here very very soon. In Q4-2019 we do plan to gio productiv. We will have big Problems if we have to stop this.

    Kind Regards,  Mahler