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Enable deletion of individual image tags through web interface.

The web interface for the Container Images allows for removing entire "repositories" of images (for example, ibmcom/curl-amd64) but not individual tags. Currently the only way to do this on ICP is manually through the Docker Registry v2 API, and the operations require specific access tokens and metadata about the tags the user wants to remove.

Customers that push daily builds with different tags each time will quickly clutter up the tags list given when looking at the image in the web interface. Additionally, if the pushed tags do not correctly re-use previous image layers, then they may run out of disk space in the backing storage for the registry. Being able to remove individual tags more easily would help in this case.

  • Justin Kulikauskas
  • Jul 22 2019
  • Will not implement - Market demand
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a customer, I want to be able to remove specific images from the private registry so that I can manage the total disk usage.
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  • Admin
    SCOTT BERENS commented
    25 Oct, 2019 08:51pm

    Justin we need to evaluate if this will be necessary function with Red Hat OpenShift as the strategic container platform. Please let me know if we still need to pursue this request. thankyou

  • Admin
    SCOTT BERENS commented
    22 Jul, 2019 09:09pm

    Hi Justin! Thx for your idea. It means a lot to receive this feedback and we appreciate you taking the time to keep us informed.

    The IBM acquisition of Red Hat has signaled a bit of a strategy shift, in that we will only be supporting IBM Cloud Paks on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. As such, we should look to OCP as the platform of choice and see if it can provide the features we are looking for therein.

    An example of how this image tagging might look, in OCP, is discussed in this comparison topic "7. Better management of container images":

    Please let us know if that functionality warrants further progress of this idea. thank you!