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Make Alerting great again! Enable Grafana alerting and make configuration accessible

I recently discovered that it is not possible to configure alert notification channels in Grafana.

Which is a requirement to have the alerts sended via email (


In my opinion, this sould be configurable via helm. If I configure this manually (ICP 3.2.0) in the Grafana User Interface, it won't survive a pod restart, because config files are not even mounted to a persistent volume.


Besides the fact, that a large set of Grafana features is not accessible due to that problem, the current behavior also violates 12 factor app rule #3 ( and results in IBM's grafana distribution not being a cloud-native citizen.



Worst solution, but tolerable:
mount "/etc/grafana/provisioning/" to the persistent volume inside the helm Chart.

Best solution:
Make the configuration accessible as configmap or provide a kubernetes crd to provision notification channels.

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  • Sep 25 2019
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a Cloud platform engineer I would like to be able to use Grafana Alerting instead of Prometheus Alerting.
Why is it useful?

Minimize the hops and use alerting directly in Grafana.

Idea Priority Medium
Geo - Use for OBDR Reporting only EU
Owning Segment Hybrid Integration (Hybrid Cloud Unit)
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  • SCOTT BERENS commented
    25 Sep, 2019 09:44pm

    This idea makes sense and could probably be done. We will look to understand where this can fit into the roadmap.